Was great to catch up with Eddie and Luke Darcy this morning to discuss A Fat Lot of Good. They are both very interested in diet and  lifestyle issues and  are very supportive of the low sugar, avoid processed food philosophy contained in the book. As you can see from the photo they are both looking very healthy. Luke is also a big fan of meditation which is something I also discuss in the book - it is not just about nutrition - I cover other lifestyle issues (exercise, stress, sleep, sun etc) as well..

I first met Eddie when he was cadet sports reporter at Channel 10 in the late 80s when I was cub doctor at Melbourne. Eddie used to come to training and we would chat on the boundary line. As far as I am concerned he has never changed - always friendly, enthusiastic, passionate and interested in what I am doing. Was good to see him again this morning.

Have a listen to my chat on Triple M breakfast this morning